Gclub Online Casinos Today we will introduce the advantages of borax. The rusty stain does not leave the remains. If you find a solution to rust stains, the method is not working. Try to use borax powder mixed with lemon juice on the stains and leave it for a moment. This sesame paste as easily peel off as banana peel. Also, pointing the clean way to the sink. Because the basin is used for a long time, it may be forgotten that it has been glittering. Then we have to point out the clean by mixing borax powder about 1 cup of lemon juice ½ cup and then pour it over with warm water to clean. This is also a good way to say goodbye to dirt and sewage pipes, because no need to wait for the nose to smell distorted from the sewer, and then gradually solve the problem. We will be able to bring about 3 tablespoons of borax, sprinkle it in the mouth of the sink, or the mouth of the large water discharge for 1 hour and then pour warm water to clean it. Have another web Gclub