A NEW crystalline white, a color-no coloring that reflects the lighting. A shade symbol regarding purity, innocence and expect. A very classic option and great versatility, perfect for individuals who do not like jewels and colored stones. Stability, patience and clarity. This can be a message of the wearer of this stone, transparent as your crystal. May for Pandora has the color of pandora charms sale sun-kissed lawns, connected with nature. And amongst other suggestions, green this year will be just about the most popular colors of spring 2017, a great motivation to select this emerald green line through the Pandora Birthstones line even if you were not born around May.

For June Pandora chose a refined color. The gray ice is surely the most versatile colors, easy to match with silver, will easily obtain the taste of the many demanding and sophisticated femininity. The July stone is very similar to that of January, it will always be a ruby red but in this case extremely intense and pandora jewellery outlet sale brilliant. The idea represents a fiery love. A shade of crimson that certainly does possibly not go unnoticed, especially within the hands when we wear a ring.

For August, however, the options of Pandora falls using a nuance between yellow in addition to green that remembers greatly the color of your lime. It is not the brightest nuance of the new Pandora jewelery line, but it certainly may well in summer mood due to the nuanced, toning and pandora bracelets sale refreshing shades of the following nuance. An intense blue with the jewels of September. This is also a nuance of which easily matches all simple colors, black, blue and white specially. The September stone may be the sapphire, symbol of belief, truth and wisdom. An extremely feminine color and emblem involving authentic nobility.

For this born in October, Pandora opt for very tonal tone of pink tones, delicate but enveloping in which fits well with other shades in the new line of jewelery, because in truth we could also get out there and combine more colors mutually. And still a great classic of pandora birthstone charms high jewelery, the citrine yellow, nuances like color of cedar as well as quartz. A very warm and also enveloping yellow tinge that is perfectly for autumn and for those people born in November, who choose as being a lucky stone a happy tone that symbolizes lucidity, joy and wealth.